The True Cost (trailer)

I recommend this to everyone who would like to know about the mechanisms governing today’s most polluting industry: the clothing industry. Cheap clothes have a “true cost”, too, even if it remains deliberately hidden from the customer. A heartbreaking reflection on the consumerism of the 21st century and the dramatic consequences of “fast fashion”.

Racing Extinction

I recommend this video to those who want to better understand the scale of extinction caused by human activity. The number of tragically vanishing species is growing rapidly, and this film provides an insight into how civilisation is ignoring the problem, further aggravating our complicity.

Years of Living Dangerously – Season 1, Episode 1

The very first episode of the two season documentary series about climate change (featuring famous actors like Matt Damon, Michael C. Hall, Jessica Alba, America Ferrara, Don Cheadle, Ian Somerhalder, Olivia Munn, Harrison Ford és Arnold Schwarzenegger) deals with deforestation and drought. Harrison Ford investigates Indonesia’s palm oil production, Don Cheadle examines the consequences of drought in Texas, and Thomas Friedmand presents the relationship between climate change, wars, and migration.

Wake Up, Freak Out

Leo Murray’s 2008 short animated film, raising awareness about climate change and its consequences.

Before the Flood

A documentary by actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, shot for National Geographic about climate change. Interviewees include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis.

Harrison Ford | 2018 Global Climate Action Summit

Among others, Harrison Ford, executive vice president of Conservation International, gave a speech during the international climate summit. He said we are in the last minute, and if we want to stay alive on this planet, we need nature.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

A groundbreaking documentary presenting the devastating environmental impact of large-scale livestock farming on our planet, produced by diehard filmmaker Kip Andersen. Animal husbandry is one of the main causes of deforestation, it produces a lot of greenhouse gases, and also requires a lot of drinking water.

Sea turtle with straw up its nostril

This video shows what single use plastic straws can cause if they make their way into the sea and end up in the bodies of sea creatures. The article featuring the video can be read here.

Alakformálás (Bodyshaping) 1

Bodyshaping group training conducted by Ildikó Szántó in Sugár Fitness. The related article can be read here.

Alakformálás (Bodyshaping) 2

Bodyshaping group training conducted by Ildikó Szántó in Sugár Fitness. The related article can be read here.

Alakformálás (Bodyshaping) 3

Bodyshaping group training conducted by Ildikó Szántó in Sugár Fitness. The related article can be read here.

Házhoz menő szelektív hulladékgyűjtés FKF (Curbside waste collection system – Metropolitan Public Area Maintenance Company, Budapest)

FKF’s Hungarian Best Product Grand Prize winner service, the curbside selective waste collection system greatly contributes to keeping the capital clean. Full coverage of the city has been realized by 2015 with the support of EU funding. The related article can be read here.

Hulladékból termék 2012 oktatófilm (From waste to product 2012 educational film)

The short film presents the Hulladékból Termék (From Waste to Product) exhibit which is about the accomplishments of selective waste collection, the work of domestic recycling companies, and the whole life cycle of waste. The related article can be read here.

Köszönjük, K&H gyógyvarázs mesedoktorok! (Thank you, K&H MediMagic Story Doctors!)

Remercies of children towards the volunteer storytellers of the MediMagic programme they’ve met, during which they explain how they enjoyed the cheering up and why they’d like the helpers to continue their activity. The related article can be read here.

A klímaváltozás arcai (Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown)

A National Geographic documentary, in which Bill Nye – engineer, scientist, comedian, and actor all at once – depicts views and feelings of different people about the reality of climate change based on the stages of grief, with a little bit of humor.