Let’s see what the penultimate part of the Coffee Break series is about!  What can you do if you don’t want to bring your stroller with you every time and don’t want to carry your baby in your arms all day? When I was a child, my mother used a single kangaroo bag for all three of us, but in the 2000s, there are countless types of carriers available. How to use different baby carriers? What accessories are out there? Ágnes Szabó shares her experiences.

I’ve always liked moms who carry their babies and toddlers on them. This solution seemed practical and comfortable. Since we hike and take walks in the forest a lot, I definitely wanted to become a mom who carries.

I received two devices as gifts already during pregnancy. One was a carrier wrap and the other a buckle carrier. I really liked them both, but of course I had no idea how they worked, so I turned to the internet for help. Fortunately, there are really useful videos available, so I quickly learned how to tie the wrap and how to put on the buckle carrier.

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We used the carrier wrap for the first time about 8 days after our baby girl was born. She fell asleep in it almost immediately. It’s a great invention and using it wasn’t complicated at all. Its only problem isn’t its own fault. Since we have a summer baby, this type of carrier was very warm and by the time the weather was right, she almost outgrew it already (even though it can be used up to 9 kg, it becomes somewhat loose after a while so I think it’s best to switch sooner).

The buckle carrier proved to be better as it was less warm. Ours came with a newborn insert so we could start using it early enough. My husband liked it a lot too because it was much easier to put on than the wrap and even the pattern on it is super cool.

We used our carriers a lot even in the early period since our baby girl was colicky, and often carrying her was the only solution to calm her. Carrying and dancing (see part 7). I swear, my daughter had some kind of awesome sense in the first weeks. As soon as I stopped dancing or walking, she woke up immediately. I even had to dance while cooking… Sometimes I made attempts to sit down or even lie down a bit while carrying her, but almost all of these failed. And if we tried to put her down, we knew she would wake up. I was even a bit scared that we’d have to spend the first couple of years “tied” together, dancing (we didn’t have to, of course).

Among our first visitors was my friend who lent us a Baby Tai. I loved this one too! It’s really easy to tie, it’s comfortable and adjustable. I used this one the most while it fit my daughter.

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By the time she was three months old, her stomach ache was finally gone so I didn’t have to carry her around every day, dancing. There were days when we didn’t even use any of the carriers. When we used them for a walk or a hike, she always slept in them really well.

Among other things, we’ve been taking baby carrier training classes since she was six weeks old, so it was great that we already had some experience and didn’t need to learn everything there. At least that’s what I thought, because during these classes, parents carry their babies on their backs, so we had to learn new types of tying methods in addition to the ones we already knew. Fortunately, she likes being carried on my back just as much as she likes being carried in the front.

In the meantime, my inventory grew bigger with a ring sling and a Mei Tai. The latter is the successor of the Baby Tai because unfortunately she outgrew it. I’ve rarely used the ring sling so far, but it came in handy when we went to a spa, as it’s easy to pack, quick to put on, and my daughter slept in it just as well as in any other carrier we tried so far.

The buckle carrier works best for us, but I don’t mind having a variety of carriers because like this we have the best one for every situation.

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In addition to the carriers, we bought/received different accessories as well. We have a pair of babywearing shoes, boots, a snood, and my favorite, a babywearing coat. The latter can be used both for front and back carry so I’ll be able to use it later when I’m pregnant, and without the inserts, it’ll serve well as a regular coat once the new mom period ends. It’s comfortable, practical and beautiful.

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I’m really pleased to have found these products. They make everyday life easier. It’s much simpler and more comfortable to take the train or use public transportation with the carriers than with a stroller. By the way, I love our stroller, it was an excellent choice, but I prefer to use it in different situations. The carrier did a good job, for example, when I had to travel to Budapest for a blood test. My experience with health institutions I’ve visited have been positive to begin with, but when people saw my baby in the carrier, they immediately smiled and tried to help me. I was even offered a seat on the “full house” train.

Carrying has worked well for us, and even though there was some crying in the beginning (especially when using a new one), the carrier was still OK, we just had to get used to it. We have to use them less frequently since the end of the colicky period, but even so, I bring out the buckle carrier or the Mei Tai several times a week.

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Translation by Ádám Hittaller

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