Our newest series of articles revolves around a new mother. Ági invites you to a friendly chat so she can tell you about her everyday life, how things have changed, and what’s new. Until recently she’s been a speech therapist, a special education teacher, and a lecturer, but since July she’s also the mother of a baby girl.Ágnes Szabó recalls her (often funny) moments of pregnancy.

It’s often said: so many women, so many pregnancies. Well, it’s probably really like that. I can’t speak on behalf of all moms, but I’m happy to share my own experiences with you.

I consider myself lucky because it’s been a great nine months while I was expecting my baby girl. Apart from the fact that during the first weeks, from seven in the evening till nine in the morning I was practically only capable of sleeping, there were no other difficulties. I think this is, at some level, a matter of attitude (sure, complications and being sick cannot be controlled by attitude, but some of the things can). How is this possible? In my opinion – an opinion fortunately shared by those living close to me –

pregnancy isn’t a „disease”, it’s just a different condition.

For many, pregnancy carries an implicit meaning of burden, which is hardly positive. Well, I was never burdened for a second.

Despite all this, no one should think that pregnancy equals 280 days of sunshine and rainbows. Because there are things that no one talks about. The observer only sees the woman growing a cute round belly. However, there are things not apparent to others, and some that, after a while, aren’t apparent to us, mothers-to-be, either.

To start with something less outrageous, there are the feet which, after a while, aren’t too easy to wash unless you buy these kind of funny slipper brushes.

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I didn’t, as my soles are really ticklish. So it happened that if I didn’t want to go to bed with dirty feet, I had to soak my feet in a water basin before/after taking a shower. By the way, this can be very enjoyable, especially if one has a good book to read in the meantime.

So far so good, but it’s not only our soles that become troublesome after a while. Clipping toenails becomes quite difficult past the 30th week. For me it never was an easy thing to do, since I’m utterly inept at the art of toenail clipping. This is how pregnancy had me at a cumulative disadvantage when it came to toenails (I’m happy that I hadn’t been using nail polish for years, because that could probably have made a whole separate study). Still, I managed somehow, but it would have been worth a few videos when I was struggling to catch those pesky toenails with the clipper, gasping for air. I was lucky to have a summer baby, because I didn’t have to go through all the acrobatics as often, compared to having to wear shoes.

Speaking of shoes. As cold weather was quite persistent this year, sometimes I still had to wear boots in April… I suggest you don’t want to wear beautiful red lace-up boots as a mother-to-be, like I did. A pair of comfortable slip-on boots would have been perfect. The problem with boots is that either you untie them so they’re easy to put on, but then you have to tie them, or you don’t untie them, but then they’re difficult to put on. I leave this to everyone to decide for themselves. I think that’s all I had about feet.

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As said before, I had a summer baby. Less toenail clipping, but more hair removal. There is a size of the tummy when it’s impossible even with a razor. Whether it’s the arms getting shorter, or the legs getting longer, they just never meet. I, for one, cast my vote for epilators a few years ago, but unfortunately I had to forget about that, too, around the end of the second trimester. At this point I resorted to the comfortable solution, I entrusted it to my beautician. I think it was a good decision. I didn’t end up looking like a werewolf, and I didn’t have to perform different stunts to keep it that way.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed what comes after the legs if we’re moving upwards. It was a guess for me, too, as for a few months I could only try to remember what it is and where it is exactly. I can’t even imagine what guys with big bellies (who don’t only have them for nine months) must go through every day. Even before I wouldn’t check myself out everyday, but as my belly grew, I couldn’t look „down there” at all without some kind of tool. I don’t think of myself as a prude, but I wouldn’t leave the maintenance of my lady parts to someone else, so the beautician was out of the game. Since I didn’t want to get lost in the bush, I had to take care of this too from time to time. Doing it required the following things: a stool in the shower, a mirror of the size of a letter paper, and a razor. The rest I leave to your imagination. They were funny moments for sure. By the end I was usually crying with laughter, which made my husband crack up, too.

Fortunately, as we move upwards from here, we come to friendlier areas which we can see despite the belly, whose maintenance thus isn’t so much of a puzzle.

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There are more things that disprove the nine months of sunshine and rainbows: the other changes in the body. These are: pregnancy stretch marks (luckily I only have some on my stomach, but for some the striae spread over to the thighs, too, and of course there are some who don’t have them at all), growing hair where you’re not supposed to – on the cheeks, stomach, or neck – (I had a few light hairs next to my ears towards the last weeks, so I had it easier than some people I know), the uncalled-for dark line running along the middle of the belly (I only have a light brown line there since giving birth), the constant urinary urge, or the increased flatulence. Regarding the last one I share the story of one of my friends, who was quite „windy” during pregnancy. Once it happened that, in the store, she downright called down the thunder on other shoppers. Fortunately there weren’t many people standing in the same queue apart from her and her husband, so the story is only moderately very awkward.

But, before completely ruining having a baby for everyone, I’ll share a few positive thoughts, too. For me, the things above became funny, fond memories, it’s just that some of them I wasn’t ready for in the beginning.

The first heartbeats, the first ultrasound, the first kick are all experiences one never forgets, and which can even make one forget the occasional difficulties.

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I also went to relation analysis with my daughter, which was also very energizing, and which must have contributed to a balanced, happy pregnancy.

As a speech therapist I’ve been dealing with a lot of children until the 34th week, so even before being born, my baby girl has already met a lot of kids. She particularly enjoyed the automatization of the „ch” and „r” sounds. When practicing either of two particular stories, she always started kicking with vigor. Now that I think of it, pregnancy really is 280 days of sunshine and rainbows…

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Translated by Ádám Hittaller

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