Different types of exercise and workouts are close to the hearts of different people, depending on personality. I prefer group sessions because I need to be motivated by the instructor (and the perseverance of others) and told what to do (I don’t want to think about what kind of exercise I should do next).Back in the days when I used to jog, I never went alone, also there I needed a companion (for example, to be able to talk to someone when the miles start to get boring :)). What do you think? If you don’t already have a clear opinion and proven workout method, our coach lists the advantages and disadvantages of group workout. Written by Ildikó Szántó.


Regardless of your exact motivation behind it, incorporating exercise into your life is definitely a good decision. Defeating your own arguments against exercise is the best, but often, people need some extra motivation to do it. This is why I like group workout, among other things. People often join these sessions alone, or sometimes with a friend or a relative, but eventually they become part of a community where not only the coach has a positive impact on them, but also the other participants.

Personally, I prefer social activities in almost every area of my life. This, of course, depends on one’s personality, which can also change. During my 20-year fitness career, I preferred group choreographies, performances and competitions more than individual ones. I also found training in a large group much more engaging, since we affected each other and the whole thing became much more energetic. The best way to get out of your comfort zone is to have a bit of fun doing it.
When a coach enjoys his or her profession, guests also tend to find the sessions more enjoyable and easier to endure. It feels really good seeing someone joining my training session in a dejected mood, then, a few minutes later already smiling, leaving satisfied afterwards physically tired but in good spirits.

When I used to go to others’ sessions, sometimes I, too, had to force myself to start working out. But once the music started and I heard the coach’s instructions and inspirational words, and I realized how good it was to do the exercises together with the others, my enthusiasm quickly returned. Music is a motivation itself, just like the presence and support of the coach, and also the fact that we’re all together, struggling while also having a peace of mind. Sometimes, you can barely continue doing an exercise and you’re on the verge of stopping, but then you see others still fighting for it, giving you the boost you need to keep going. So, group workout has many advantages.

It’s important that you find the right type of workout and instructor. What you like and what affects you in a positive way, both spiritually and physically, varies from person to person. There’s a huge range of options for women, men, young and elderly people as well as those with different health issues (the palette includes body shaping, stretching, dancing, boxing, TRX, senior gymnastics, spine training, yoga, bodyart, etc.). The instructor’s personality is important: on the one hand, they need to be sympathetic, and on the other hand, they really need to pay attention to each individual guest. They need to explain and show the proper way to do an exercise and correct it when someone is doing it in a potentially harmful way. It’s important to do all this in a way that will leave a clearly positive impression in your guests.

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Perhaps the only negative thing I can mention about group workout is that the load is not really personalized. The coach, however, can help a lot by offering easier and more challenging options for different exercises. And if someone has problems, the coach can give them something else to do. There are different tools that can transform or increase the load and that everyone can use at their leisure, such as raised step pads, dumbbells of different weights, rubber bands of varying tension. And anyone who can’t keep up with the workout can relax at any time.


For me, every session is about caring for my guests, exercising and having fun at the same time. And based on the feedback, my guests have similar experiences.

Based on my experiences, I wholeheartedly recommend group workout, no matter what type, because there’s a lot to gain: physical and spiritual development, maintaining and improving your health, good mood and friends. I hope that my article will motivate many people to start exercising!

You can watch three videos showcasing group body shaping sessions at Sugár Fitness here, here and here.

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Translation by Ádám Hittaller

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