My aim is to do something. Something useful. Useful for society, for nature, for the world. I’m generally trying to live my life so that I’m a productive member of society. I’m paying attention to others, I protect my environment. But I want to pass all this along. I’d also like others to act in a similar or even better way in their everyday life than me. I’m not an impeccable exemplary figure, of course, but I’m trying to live so that I could make you proud.

The aim of the website is to disseminate knowledge, raise awareness, and to gather thought-provoking, important, and useful information in one place and available for everyone. All this through thorough research, using credible sources, and staying away from clichés and triteness. Develop. Change. Take care. – beyond starting with small changes, there’s always room for improvement: not only living creatures can be taken care of, but education and distribution as well. We can be active participants in change.

I’d like to pass along the love not only for nature, but for life, people, and animals as well. I’d like if we all paid attention to each other and to the world around us. I’m in the fortunate position that I can freely express my opinion, do that’s what I’m doing and it makes me happy.

The more people we involve, the more efficient we become, as it’s always easier (and more fun) to act together.

A bit better – to live and to act.

We act this out when we write about the things we’ve tried, experienced, and learned. My aim to also have the people I love and admire – my friends – writing articles I’ve already reached in part. Among them are engineers, pedagogues, coaches, and I’d like the team to expand quickly, should you be in the mood to contribute (you can write articles or recommend topics yourself). I’d like it even more if we’d form a community, with common views and common events.


I, Noémi, am standing before you as an environmental engineer (according to my degree), sharing my thoughts with you. I haven’t yet worked too much in my profession, but I’ve done many kinds of office-work. I’ve dealt with interesting people and boring data quite much :). I like to organize, to help; I need to understand things as a whole and to figure out the processes. I won’t accept a single opinion, I always strive to see problems from multiple points of view, which is why I find it difficult to take sides. I’m full of energy, the will to learn and to act. I like reading very much, I’ll read any book that’s offered to me. I like praise – giving and receiving. I love to laugh, but sometimes I cry, too. I’m trying not to be judgemental, but I find it hard tolerating people who complain all the time.

I live in Budapest with my partner, Ádám, in a sublease. Otherwise, I come from Salgótarján  and he’s from Szombathely. Ádám has been supporting this project from the beginning (just like he does in everything). He helped me in designing, finding themes, and creating the website as well. Credit goes to him for the English translations, looking up raw data, and the search for reliable sources. I’d like to express my gratitude here, too, all this couldn’t have come about without him.

Thanks to:

  • everyone who’s reacted with exuberant enthusiasm upon hearing about the project;
  • the technical creator of the website;
  • the designer of the logo
  • those who’d already joined before the launch, wrote articles intently; furthermore
  • those who’ll help us out in the future!

Today, the website launches, on the occasion of Earth Day (and my name day, incidentally). Please be open-minded and support us – with feedback and propagation of our fair name.

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