A Szabadságról és a felelősségről

Egy olyan könyvet mindenkinek érdemes elolvasnia, amire a New York Times Book Review mesterműként hivatkozik, nem? Ha ennyi nem elég ahhoz, hogy kedvet kapj, akkor olvasd el Szilágyi Diána könyvajánlóját. Continue reading

A klímatudatos kert

Érezhető trend lett hazánkban is, hogy háztartásaink egyre környezettudatosabbak; igyekszünk takarékoskodni az energiával, szelektíven gyűjtjük a szemetet, előnyben részesítjük a zöld megoldásokat. Érdemes ilyen nézőpontból rápillantani a kertünkre is! Szilágyi Diána írása.
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Misconceptions Series – 4

With this series we’ll try to demolish the wall of misconceptions which separates people from the truth. The series is aimed at demolishing the wall of misconceptions that separates people from the truth. The series covers topics of international relevance. Continue reading

I Went to a Solar Power Plant

I was lucky enough to visit one of the largest solar power plants of Hungary: the MET Danube Solar Park in Százhalombatta, which is a part of the Dunamenti Power Plant. Written by Noémi Szabó. Continue reading

You Too Can Organize a Plogging Event

Athletic and environmentally aware people of Budapest had an opportunity to connect jogging with litter picking in downtown on September 6, Saturday afternoon. Continue reading

A Cow’s Life – Misconceptions Series Special

This piece of the Misconceptions series an opinion piece, so its structure is a bit different from what you might be used to. But it is still about a statement that has been proven false and we explain (indirectly) why. Continue reading

This is how we, the victims, approach environmental protection

The youngest member of the team tries to present today’s burning questions from a Gen Z perspective. This article is about one of the most pressing challenges: Continue reading

Do bacteria and plants really treat our wastewater?

Yeah, they really do. In this article I’ll present two of Budapest’s wastewater treatment facilities, the North Pest and South Pest plants. The first one I can introduce to you (and illustrate with self-made pictures) because a few years ago I wrote my thesis about it, and the second one because in 2019 I had the opportunity to attend their public open day on the occasion of World Water Day. Continue reading

Instead of the Trash, Throw Away the Trash Can! – Book Review

I got this book from my Namesake as a Christmas present. I read it really quickly. Not because it’s an exciting sci-fi or a fabulous fantasy, but because I wanted to how know the household me and my partner manage could develop in terms of awareness and waste reduction. Continue reading

25 Stunning And Beautiful Birds You Should Know About! – article by

A list containing not only wonderful pictures but also interesting information. What makes these birds unique? What do they eat and where do they live? Continue reading

This is How Young Europeans Develop Sustainable Architecture – SDE2019

Students from 27 higher education institutions, including 3 Hungarian universities, have been competing since June 27 in the Solar Village in Szentendre. The 10 teams have designed their model homes as part of an international architecture innovation competition, Continue reading