This is how graduation during the pandemic was like

Denissza already shared her experiences and concerns regarding environmental protection in her previous article (read it here). Back then she was awaiting her final exam, then the pandemic hit, but she had to graduate nevertheless. Continue reading

When a Student Protests Against the Assigned Task – Pedagogy 101, Part 4

A teacher places ever-increasing demands on students as a means to develop them. Proper communication is necessary when assigning tasks, Continue reading

The Gilded Cage or: How a Family With a Baby Weathers the Emergency Situation

For many weeks now, everyone has been dealing with the emergency situation, including in Hungary. The country is united, people help each other as much as they can while trying to transform their own way of life, which usually means slowing down. Continue reading

Always on the Go – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 10

In the last part of our series, we arrive at the busy period after the first six weeks. Baby classes and clubs aren’t exclusive to big cities. Continue reading

Education for independence, punishment and reward – Pedagogy 101, Part 3

How to get a child or a student do tasks they don’t want to or are too lazy to do? Why should we make them do it – we could just do it ourselves instead, couldn’t we? No, because if we take care of the task for them, they won’t learn anything from it. Continue reading

Advanced Baby Carrying – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 9

Let’s see what the penultimate part of the Coffee Break series is about!  What can you do if you don’t want to bring your stroller with you every time and don’t want to carry your baby in your arms all day? When I was a child, my mother used a single kangaroo bag for all three of us, Continue reading

Getting to Know Cloth Diapers – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 8

We’ve covered cloth diapers before (read Mónika Markotán’s article here). We’re revisiting the topic to show that it’s not just a single person claiming that cloth diapers are simple and cost efficient to use. Continue reading

Our Christmas Present: Free Hugs

Sunday, December 15, 2019. A small part of the team implemented its long-cherished plan. We went to give free hugs! :) Along with regular litter picking, this is the activity we’d like to introduce to our growing community. Continue reading

Setting an Example, Authenticity, Communication – Pedagogy 101, Part 2

In Part 2 of our series Pedagogy 101 (read Part 1 here), PE teacher and trainer Sándor explains why it’s worth being honest as a pedagogue. In addition, he explores, among other things, if a pedagogue should invite students into their private life, Continue reading

Life with a Newborn – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 7

This part of Coffee Break is special to me because Ágnes is a very busy person who, even as a mother, kept to this habit and didn’t sink into a slow and tranquil home life, Continue reading

The Difficulties (and Wonders) of Breastfeeding – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 6

We now start the second half of our ten-part series! Being home alone with a newborn – scary. Even though, as they say, the life of a baby at this age is barely more than eating, pooping and sleeping, with some crying thrown into the mix. Continue reading

Principles, Respect – Pedagogy 101, Part 1

This series is written by a PE teacher and cross and TRX trainer who graduated at the University of Physical Education. Because of his personality and profession, education is part of his daily routine. Throughout the series, he talks about pedagogy – through the eye of the teacher, but not only from pedagogy’s perspective. Continue reading

Baby Gear at Home – Coffee Break With a New Mom, Part 5

Part 5 of our series once again deals with a list – of course not the same as Part 3! :) Since Ági’s baby girl had left the hospital and became acquainted with her new home, we are now admitted behind the scenes. Continue reading

A Few Days at the Baby Ward – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 4

Practically, part 4 of Coffee break with a new mom directly follows the events of part 2 (read the previous parts here, here, and here). Can you remember what happened in part 2? Continue reading

Useful Things Only: Hospital Bag Tips – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 3

Part 3 is up! This time, our new mom (you can read part 1 here and part 2 here) offers advice on hospital bags. What to pack and bring to the maternity ward with us? What proved useless, despite the recommendations? Continue reading