Improving and Sweating Together: Group Workout

Different types of exercise and workouts are close to the hearts of different people, depending on personality. I prefer group sessions because I need to be motivated by the instructor (and the perseverance of others) and told what to do (I don’t want to think about what kind of exercise I should do next). Continue reading

Competitive Sports for the Youth, and Choosing the Right Sport for Them

Exercise is a natural need for a child. Later though, one must consciously work to maintain this need. After all, exercise greatly determines our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Continue reading

Lifelong Exercise – Advice for Senior Training

18,3% of the Hungarian population is 65 or older. This article deals with the healthy lifestyle and physical exercise of this age group. It’s well known that elderly people’s motivation for exercise is generally lower compared to their younger selves. Continue reading