„Don’t Blame the Homeless for Being Homeless”

The Streetlawyer Association protects the rights and interests of people – people who are homeless and/or living in housing poverty. Members working for the association are volunteer lawyers and law students. You can meet them in person at Blaha Lujza square on Friday afternoons. Continue reading

Improving and Sweating Together: Group Workout

Different types of exercise and workouts are close to the hearts of different people, depending on personality. I prefer group sessions because I need to be motivated by the instructor (and the perseverance of others) and told what to do (I don’t want to think about what kind of exercise I should do next). Continue reading

You Too Can Organize a Plogging Event

Athletic and environmentally aware people of Budapest had an opportunity to connect jogging with litter picking in downtown on September 6, Saturday afternoon. Continue reading

The Role Models of a Role Model

An aerobics instructor can become a role model for many people. I think several of Ildi’s guests look up to her too, as she motivates people to move, give them the strength to not give up, inspires and encourages them. Meanwhile, her positive attitude and vibrant energy is an example of a worthwhile way to approach life. But who could she be looking up to? In her article, Ildikó Szántó tells about her role models.

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“The way all these young volunteers are not only committed to spending their spare time helping kids but also taking part in building this together always amazes me.”

How can you a help a child who is in hospital if you‘re not a doctor? You can try to cheer them up, be their friend and play with them, or maybe teach them something – that’s what Amigos do too. Noémi Szabó’s interview with Sára Forgács-Fábián, who created Amigos.

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This is how graduation during the pandemic was like

Denissza already shared her experiences and concerns regarding environmental protection in her previous article (read it here). Back then she was awaiting her final exam, then the pandemic hit, but she had to graduate nevertheless. Continue reading

When a Student Protests Against the Assigned Task – Pedagogy 101, Part 4

A teacher places ever-increasing demands on students as a means to develop them. Proper communication is necessary when assigning tasks, Continue reading

An Indicator of Your Body: Pain

Recently I had to see a physiotherapist because of the pain in my shoulder and elbow that has been bothering me for years now. That’s when I met Diana, who was doing her master’s degree in physiotherapy. Continue reading

The Gilded Cage or: How a Family With a Baby Weathers the Emergency Situation

For many weeks now, everyone has been dealing with the emergency situation, including in Hungary. The country is united, people help each other as much as they can while trying to transform their own way of life, which usually means slowing down. Continue reading

Always on the Go – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 10

In the last part of our series, we arrive at the busy period after the first six weeks. Baby classes and clubs aren’t exclusive to big cities. Continue reading

A Cow’s Life – Misconceptions Series Special

This piece of the Misconceptions series an opinion piece, so its structure is a bit different from what you might be used to. But it is still about a statement that has been proven false and we explain (indirectly) why. Continue reading

Education for independence, punishment and reward – Pedagogy 101, Part 3

How to get a child or a student do tasks they don’t want to or are too lazy to do? Why should we make them do it – we could just do it ourselves instead, couldn’t we? No, because if we take care of the task for them, they won’t learn anything from it. Continue reading

Advanced Baby Carrying – Coffee Break with a New Mom, Part 9

Let’s see what the penultimate part of the Coffee Break series is about!  What can you do if you don’t want to bring your stroller with you every time and don’t want to carry your baby in your arms all day? When I was a child, my mother used a single kangaroo bag for all three of us, Continue reading

This is how we, the victims, approach environmental protection

The youngest member of the abitbetter.eu team tries to present today’s burning questions from a Gen Z perspective. This article is about one of the most pressing challenges: Continue reading

Do bacteria and plants really treat our wastewater?

Yeah, they really do. In this article I’ll present two of Budapest’s wastewater treatment facilities, the North Pest and South Pest plants. The first one I can introduce to you (and illustrate with self-made pictures) because a few years ago I wrote my thesis about it, and the second one because in 2019 I had the opportunity to attend their public open day on the occasion of World Water Day. Continue reading